Inner knowing. Wisdom. Understanding.

When we know and understand ourselves we can better understand those around us. Understanding and compassion aren't cultivated overnight - they take practice. A practice that starts with one person - You. 

Combine yoga, meditation, sound, crystals, aromas and reiki and your path towards healing becomes a creative, conscious and rewarding journey. Healing arts draws upon the holistic healing properties of these modalities to create an intuitive, personal and unique experience with the guidance of an experienced and nurturing practitioner. 

When we learn to heal ourselves we can begin to create harmony in our home, in our community and in our world. 

Be ready to explore all the colours of your spectrum.
The bright and the dark. The shades and the bold. 
Deep down there is a soul that wants to be heard, to be loved and allowed to live as they were meant to. That soul is yours to explore. 

The art of healing.


Vanessa Ritson

reiki master | yoga therapist | spiritual healing

An experienced yoga teacher and reiki master, Vanessa's nurturing and intuitive spirit is always ready to guide you and hold a space that is safe and sacred. Vanessa enjoys working privately with clients to offer a unique combination of modalities designed to best suit their needs. To find out more, or book a session with Vanessa phone 0413 485574 or email

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