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Below are a listing on the yoga styles that I teach.

Yin Flow

Wednesday 7.15pm
Inna Bliss Yoga, Camp Hill


The practice starts with flowing sequences & movements to warm & open the body & connect you deeply to your breath. Once warm we transition into a slower-paced yin practice for the second half of the class. Here we explore longer and deeper holds for stretching and releasing the connective tissues of the body, relaxing your muscles as you surrender into a peaceful state of mind.
The second part of the class involves more of a floor based practice, focusing on hip opening poses, forward bends and at times some nourishing restorative poses. It's offers the perfect balance of Yang & Yin energies, leaving your feeling both invigorated & deeply renewed. Catered for all levels.

Restorative Yoga

Sunday 8.30am 60mins
My Health Yoga


Delve deep into the soul with this deliciously grounding and therapeutic practice. Restorative Yoga is suitable for all levels and challenges the mind and the body by holding poses for 5-20 minutes at a time. Some of the many benefits of this kind of practice include deep stretching into the connective tissues, pranayama (breathwork), calming the parasympathetic nervous system known as our Rest and Digest system and helping to manage anxiety and stress.

General Yoga

Sunday 10am, 75 mins
My Health Yoga


General classes can be mild to strong, dynamic, grounding or all of the above and include traditional yoga healing, asana & breathing techniques.
Great for beginners as well as experienced yogis.

Prenatal Yoga


Understand your changing body with a nurturing and restorative yoga practice. Bringing with me my own personal prenatal, yoga and nurturing experience, I adore the opportunity to work closely with women during this incredible time. In this safe space, enjoy a personalised class modified to suit your circumstances and enjoy the opportunity to meet, connect and practice with other like-minded mums-to-be. 

Slow Flow



Taken at a slower pace then Vinyasa classes, Slow Flow classes offers a practice and pace that allows you to go deeper by moving mindfully and purposefully through the flow of the class. With longer holds, slower transitions and focused alignment we cultivate spaciousness with our bodies, minds & hearts. Open for all levels, beginners can experience a slower pace while seasoned yogis can enjoy moving mindfully and intelligently within their bodies & minds, whilst dipping deeper into the feeling tone of the practice.

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