The expression of self. 

It is in those quiet spaces where truth is found. The potential unlocked. 
In the moments of self-expression, the moments between the breath. 

Just breathe. You have all the time in the world. 

Indigo Healing Arts engages all the senses to find a pathway back to one's true self - a place of acceptance, love and peace.


The journey home may be a long and painful one but is always one of great fulfilment and reward. As a result of our conditioning and life experiences, our survival instincts have taught us to protect ourselves from the hurt and criticism of others and through this process we move further away from the true essence of who we were when we were children. This is something that adults find difficult to understand. Why do I need to reconnect with my childhood or my inner child? Because this is a place where our true self still resides. This is a place where even though we were hurt or ignored, our true voice still wants to speak. And this is a place where our mind is clear, our heart is open, our intuition is strong and our life purpose is acknowledged and recognised. This is Indigo. 

The colour Indigo corresponds to the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra. Within our energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body this is our centre of intuition & inner knowing. Chakra means spinning wheel of light. We have seven main energy centres within our being - these are known as Chakras. When are Chakras are open and balanced they omit light in this spinning manner to receive and send out energy. 

Healing Arts represents the mix of modalities that may be required as part of this journey towards rediscovering our true self. In any given session, we may call upon yoga, reiki, crystals, cards, aromatherapy, art and colour therapy, chanting, mantras, intention setting, meditations and or visualisations. Always working intuitively, Vanessa responds to the energy presented at the time to determine where and what requires focus and which modalities to use.

A general session includes a consultation followed by assessment of the energetic body, chakra reading and reiki. The use of crystals, essential oils, smudge sticks and sound are often used in different ways to work with the Chakras or the issues presented at the time, as are meditation and visualisations. Following the energy work, there is always time to discuss what has come up during the healing and to look at what further inner work can be taken.   

For distance sessions, an energy reading will take place wherever you may be. Crystals, cards and reiki are used to read and access energy and you will receive an email transcript of the session with any interpretations and messages that were channelled at the time, as well as any recommendations towards working with crystals or essential oils to further assist healing. 

Appointments upon request. In person at Silo Brisbane and Inna Bliss Yoga or via email. 
75 minutes, $90 including GST. 

Vanessa performed a distance healing for me from Australia to Europe and her reading of my energy was spot on. She provided clear insight as well as practical and helpful guidance. I personally found the reading to be very uplifting, accepting and supportive. After Vanessa sent the reiki healing, the following day I unexpectedly had a powerful physical sensation of receiving energy along my hands and arms which was very calming and healing.
— Laura
I felt drawn to book a distance healing session with Vanessa as a result of feelings of uncertainty, doubt and confusion which I could not seem to shake on my own. I found Vanessa’s insight (provided through a transcript from the healing) to be incredibly valuable, both in being able to identify some underlying memories and emotions which were contributing to these feelings and in suggesting some practical steps to take to move forward. The session enabled me to begin releasing some experiences, fears and self-beliefs which were no longer serving me and I had an increased sense of calm and clarity in the days and weeks which followed.
— Thea

To book a session, please contact Vanessa on 0413 485574 or email